At this point in time we are focusing on internal projects for our team – The Learning Studio and exporting Canadian Goods and Services. If you are looking for Dao’s Beauty 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, you can buy it here.

We are open to talking to entrepreneurs at any stage, however our involvement will be limited to strictly a consulting basis.  If you have a business or project that you think can change the world, reach out to our team.




We are listeners, questioners, and collaborative problem-solvers.

We’re out to build a company that succeeds by creating excellent experiences on behalf of good people.  As financiers, we ask not only how best to solve a problem, but why.   We want our work to make a positive difference  in the world.  And we want to have a good time doing it too.

Scot Thom


In his previous career as a lifeguard, Scot prevented emergencies before they happened and sprung into action when disaster struck.  As a director at Gobi Capital, he’s passionate about finding the best way to clarify a clients issues in a clear, compelling and creative way.  Scot tends to approach the world of finance with a scientific curiosity, always looking to discover a more efficient and direct approach to solving problems and preventing emergencies.

Scot is a fervent believer that everyone should be an entrepreneur at some point in their life.  His philosophy of supportive entrepreneurship allows Scot to cultivate great internal and external projects including Barrie Open Coffee Club and 10 Startups.  He is also involved with two new startups that will be launching in the first part of 2014.  Scot is looking forward to becoming more active in the startup and finance communities and can be found online writing and shouting at the world.

Scot received his BA in Economics from the University of Guelph and participated in the International Business Linkage Program at the Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University).