Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
French bishop

Galbraith On Genius

“Financial genius consists almost entirely of avarice and a rising market.”

– John Kenneth Galbraith
Canadian economist (1908-2006)

King On Focus

“The major problem of life is learning to handle the costly interruptions.  The door that slams shut, the plan that got sidetracked, the marriage that failed.  Or that lovely poem that didn’t get written because someone knocked on the door.”

Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)
American Civil Rights Leader
Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

With awareness, comes responsibility.


Imagine the incredible results you’d have if you and your team really focused on a consistent basis.

You’d likely…

  • Contribute more
  • Waste less time ramping back up
  • Serve customers better (internally and externally)
  • Find more customers
  • Come up with more ideas
  • Plan better
  • Be less frustrated and stressed
  • Help others focus more (by interrupting them less)
  • Make more money (for everyone … including you)

Nothing’s guaranteed, of course.  But it’s a better bet.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Camus On Experience

You cannot create experience.
You must undergo it.

Albert Camus (1913–1960)
French writer
Nobel Prize winner

SalesQuote - You cannot create experience.  You must undergo it.

Sales Luck

One thing that’s helpful to me when I catch myself shying away from
taking a risk…

I remember that I’m not so important that a mistake or failure will likely have any lengthy impact or be that difficult to overcome with a little extra effort and time. (If you happen to be a head of state, a Supreme Court Justice, or a military general, maybe you need to be a little more careful. Of course, I’m fairly confident you’re not getting SalesQuotes. But, then again…)

luck: (noun) a force that makes things happen

You want more luck? Be the force that makes it happen…

  1. Prepare. Work hard to be ready for the opportunities that are important to you. Research. Practice. Perfect.
  2. Be awake. Pay attention to the people, events, and things around you. Evaluate logically and trust your gut instinct.
  3. Take action. Put yourself out there. Explore. Be vulnerable. Make contact with people. Take risks.
  4. Expect positive results. Optimism improves your chances. If (when) you fail, embrace the lesson and continue on, smarter.

That’s it. Now go be lucky (and sell something).

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“Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the gods. So let us celebrate the struggle.”

– Swahili Warrior Song

I wrote that down in a notebook almost 20 years ago. It’s a quote that opens the movie Lorenzo’s Oil (1992) … a motivating thought for challenging times.

But I sometimes wonder if it’s possible to celebrate the struggle so much that that becomes all we want … struggle, conflict, challenge.

Use this link for a few more thoughts and a 6-minute video about
gratitude and living in the moment (after the money hours or on a well-earned break … might want to show this one to your family too … a great monthly reminder).

Bono On Pushing It

When you stop taking chances
You’ll stay where you sit
You won’t live any longer
But it’ll feel like it

Bono (1960 – )
Irish music artist and activist

What will you do today?  Will you take a little step towards taking a chance?  Or will you stretch and reach for the stars?

Bono performing with U2 in 2011