CoFounder’s Lab Coming To Toronto

Come out and meet some of Toronto’s newest entrepreneurs.  This is an event to meet technical and business cofounders for your next startup.

Date:  Wednesday February 5th, 2014
Register: 6:30pmIntroductions: 6:45pm
Roundtable Introductions: 7:00pm
Networking: 7:45pm
End: 9:00pm

Register for a free profile on CoFounder Lab!  To register for the event, check out the MeetUp page.

Past events include a meetup June 2013 at CSI and November 2013 at INcubes.





Have you tasted a startup or want to start your own business? Maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur, a skilled developer or marketer looking to go out on your own, or corporate life simply isn’t for you?

CoFoundersLab Matchup Toronto is an extension of, a FREE online matchmaking platform.

These in-person events complement the online platform by bringing together entrepreneurs looking for co-founders with those people looking to join someone else’s startup as a core team member.

We’ll bring together co-founders, advisers & interns. Hopefully you’ll find your perfect partner to get your business off the ground or to take it to the next level.

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